7 Best Waterproof Stash Bags to Protect Your Joints


Ever had a gruesome moment of losing your last joint over water? I know, it’s both annoying and frustrating! Whether it is for a trip to the beach or the mountains, you can never go wrong with these waterproof stash bags to protect your buds. From chic to classy to traditional, they’re all out there on the market. It’s not too late to have one for yourself now.

These stash bags are of different price points with different sizes and functionalities, so choosing one for personal use shouldn’t be a struggle, otherwise, you might want to have all of them. Choosing to keep your buds safe and dry is always worth it. 

Light up and pack your things! It’s time to plan your next trip because these stash bags will get you covered without worries.

Dry Anti-Theft Stash Bag by PacSafe

PacSafe water-resistant Dry Anti-Theft Stash Bag is your best option if you opt to bring your bong to your trip. It’s spacious enough to hold everything you may need for you and your friends. Taking some edibles with you would always be an excellent idea with this stash bag.

Aqua Storage Bag by Stasher

This environmental-friendly stash bag, the Aqua Storage Bag by Stasher, is your go-to if you would like a classic Ziplock bag look in your luggage. I do know it isn’t your traditional Ziplock bag, but it will surely keep your gear as dry as a dust. It’s small and compact, so carrying it would be a breeze.

Poppins Bag by Van der Pop


Made in Italy, this Poppins Bag by Van der Pop is an elegant genuine leather water-resistant bag. Whether it be a vacation to Anse Source D’Argent or Navagio, this will keep your stash safe and dry. It’s not an inexpensive option, but its stylish look gives its price justice.

The Chrontainer by Chrontainer

Not only is it waterproof, but The Chrontainer also can be your smell-proof companion. You also need not worry about dropping this in the water because it is tightly sealed. The Chrontainer is the safest size for you if you want to be discreet with your joint.

Downstream by Chums

Its welded seams provide a classy look to this fanny pack by Chums; the Downstream bag is a superb choice for trips to the mountains. It’s water-resistant and an easy-to-carry bag for outdoor activities, may it be over your shoulder or around your waist.

Travel Pro by Skunk


The Travel Pro case by Skunk has ample space for your bong, vapes, or even your edibles. It also cuts out odors, so carrying some jackfruit in your stash bag won’t cause you to worry about stinking the place up.

Re:stash Jars by Re:stash

Keeping your stash safe from your kids can be a hassle too, but the Re:stash Jar by Re:stash can be of great help. Not only is it child-friendly, but it can also protect your items from the sun as it is wrapped with silicone.

Hope this guide will help you choose the best waterproof stash bag to protect your buds.

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