How to Discretely Travel with Cannabis Safely


So, you want to bring some of that dank og kush on your next vacation!

The state that you live in might have legalized medical or recreational marijuana but there’s a good chance that the place you’re traveling to might not be so progressive. Almost 33 states have legalized medical marijuana and it looks like traveling with medical marijuana maybe getting easy.

However, there’s a difference between state governments and the federal government, and if you don’t know the rules, it could lead you to trouble. Within the states, there are federal areas and if you happen to get into federal lines you may invite problems. Part of the problem is that police officers often target out-of-state plates especially from states with legalized marijuana. The discrete way to avoid the attention of TSA sleuths and get away without getting caught is to pack them in a smell proof bag.

Is it safe to travel with CBD?


Thanks to the recent legal changes around CBD at the federal level. Now, the cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC are recognized as legal substances by federal law, by the enactment of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018which says that CBD is “a nonintoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp,” and CBD oils contain cannabidiol.

Is it risky to drive with weed?

If you are traveling with your weed in the car, stick with gummies or vape pens so the smell doesn’t permeate. If T.S.A. officers find it, they are required by federal law to handover to local law enforcement. The best way to avoid getting caught?  It is by controlling the odor when you travel with the weed. And the easiest way is to stash it in a smell proof bag, pack it and be cool.

What about airport scanners?


Scanners can no way detect and identify each individual item in your bag. If properly camouflaged, you can sneak your stash through airport security system without getting caught as long as it complies with TSA guidelines.

What is a smell proof bag?

High-quality marijuana has a potent fragrance, and has to be concealed from family events and when commuting. Finding the right stash bag is essential for responsible cannabis users.

The GLD BAGS are made with a special activated carbon lining technology which helps to prevent any odor from escaping. In addition to this, It has a combination lock that allows you to choose a 3-digit code and is very discreet. It’s also waterproof which helps it to control moisture loss, maintain potency and Include 2x Mylar Pouches to keep your items fresh. These smell proof bags are also reusable and prevent children from tampering your stash. They also have the capacity to hold all your accessories including multiple pipes, rig accessories, pre-rolls, joints, lighters, torches, grinders, and similar smoking accessories.


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