How to Store Cannabis Discreetly?


While enjoying Cannabis, most likely, you’ve had one too many and wanted to keep them for later. Yes, you can go for the cheap and easy way of putting them in plastic bags, but they’re not great for storage, especially when traveling. Here are some steps to effectively store your precious flowers discreetly.

Store Marijuana the Right Way


If you want to preserve their quality, then always separate your daily supply and your long-term stash. They become better when stored properly, so keep them sealed as much as possible.

Here are some options to store cannabis discreetly:

  • Glass mason jars are great as they are airtight and protect your flowers from drying. Colored jars work in similar ways and a bit better at blocking light.
  • Quality plastic bags are good as short-term solutions to keep that excessive odor.
  • A humidor is fantastic for keeping your buds at the perfect humidity.
  • Titanium jars are your next best alternative to glass. They won’t affect the taste.
  • THC degrades with light exposure, so store it in a cool, dark place.
  • Heat and excessive humidity ruin your stash. Keep them away from sources of heat.
  • Pro Tip: Resin crystals fall-off the flower when frozen. Don’t pop them onto your freezer!

Traveling With Marijuana


While the use of recreational or medical marijuana is legal in many states, federal law still finds it illegal. When traveling to another state, make sure to use discretion to avoid attracting attention.


Make sure your car isn’t screaming “Cannabis” with the smell! Don’t smoke in your car! If you need to have it inside, use smell-proof containers to stop that pungent aroma from filling your car. There are many options available online with varying sizes to keep your peace of mind while driving.

This goes a long way to ensure you don’t have a run-in with the law, and in case you do, they won’t have probable cause to search your car. Don’t forget to keep it out of sight! Many states enforce an “open container” law. Keep it in the trunk or out of reach from the driver.


Remember that flying with Marijuana is still illegal. Don’t goof around and be smart when carrying your stash. Fortunately, the TSA is more concerned with people bringing weapons than someone with a stash of flowers, so they have bomb-sniffing dogs and not drug-sniffing dogs, most often.

To make sure it goes smooth, place your weed in an airtight container. Wrap it and hide it in your glasses case, underwear, or anywhere in your luggage that’s out of sight. Always check-in your luggage as it will have lesser chances of being searched.

Camping on Federal Land with a Stash of Marijuana

Keep in mind that Marijuana is federally illegal. If you are caught with it on federal land, there will be legal consequences. Always keep it safely hidden in smell-proof storage when traveling through federal land. Don’t smoke it, but if you must, use oils, waxes, or a vaporizer to minimize the smell and make sure you don’t attract any unwanted attention!

So, don’t lose the flavor and THC is your delicate terpenes! Take the extra steps to keep them fresh and store cannabis discreetly!

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