Smell Proof Bag – What is it and Why it’s Best to Keep Your Stash in Them?


While it is legal in many states, cannabis is still taboo to many people. When people suspect you use it, it can get pretty annoying. It’s way better to have your stash stored discreetly in one of these bags.

What is it?

Simply put, it is purpose-built storage that hides the smell of weed. It can even hide the odor of the smelliest things you know. The materials used from the inside out are all designed to keep the odor in. The material used that is great in preventing odor from leaking is activated charcoal.

How does this material work?

The material is a dark powder with fine particles. These are made from peat, coals, coconut shells, olive pits, bone char, and petroleum. Processing it in high temperatures “activates” it. This process expands the material’s surface area, reduces the pores of the charcoal, and makes it more absorbent than normal charcoal. This absorbent texture allows the charcoal to trap the odor released by your stash and keeps it from leaking.

These bags are indeed a great way to keep your stash! You may be a proud weeder and open about using it recreationally, but the reasons for needing these bags are many, especially when moving around, other than keeping it discreet.

Reasons to Use a Smell Proof Bag:

It Guarantees Safety

Cannabis attracts attention, whether good or bad. Without one of these bags, people can easily detect your stash that can lead to many unwanted encounters.

It complies with Workplace and Road Regulations

Federally, it is still illegal to use marijuana and many states and companies still find it a taboo. You would not want to attract that kind of attention whether traveling or working, it’s best to make sure your car doesn’t smell like a dispensary and avoid the consequences.

It Keeps the Freshness and Potency of your Stock

Smell proof bags don’t just keep the smell from leaking, they are also airtight! If you want to keep them potent and fresh for days, then keep them sealed in one of these bags as weeds in contact with air lose their potency in time.

Looking for the Best One?


As we hoped to impress upon you, using smell-proof bags is important and has many benefits, but there are many choices online. Don’t just go buying the first one you see! Finding the right one is as vital as using one. Many companies make them but you only want the trusted and proven one that won’t fail you in the most important times. Then, our smell-proof bag is what you are looking for! Its airtight carbon-lined storage sack keeps in any smell. It is 100% guaranteed smell-proof!

It is also big enough for all your buds and smoking paraphernalia while being just right for hand carrying or in your backpack. These are tested and proven products that have numerous great reviews. You can get our smell-proof bag by clicking the link. Get yours now!

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