Marijuana Packaging: How To Keep Weed Fresh


Marijuana packing or weed storage has become quite sophisticated over the years. While the flower itself may not have an expiration date, its potency and quality do depend upon its packaging. If you want to make sure that your weed stays fresh and potent for long, then you must follow the packaging tips that we discuss next.

Keep it away from light and excess oxygen

The worst way to store weed is to keep it in a plastic bag that exposes it to light and oxygen. Thus, the first important step is to ensure that you store weed in opaque packaging. Many stores still use plastic bags that they can look at and open to smell- which is among the worst ways to keep them. Many retailers are switching to opaque packaging and replacing the oxygen with nitrogen for longer freshness.

Opaque glass or plastic jars that can be shut airtight are ideal for keeping moisture and light out of your weed. You can also cover transparent glass jars with a dark sheet or cloth to prevent light from getting in.

Maintain the balance of moisture


The next equally important aspect of keeping weed fresh is maintaining the moisture level. You need to ensure that there is less moisture so that there is no mould formation. At the same time, the moisture content should not be so low that your weed dries out. Water activity, which gives a measurement of the vapor pressure against pure water, is an accurate way to measure the ideal moisture conditions for storing weed. The preferred value of water activity is between 0.55 and 0.65.

In simple terms, ensure relative humidity less than 65% to keep weed fresh for long, with a moisture content of around 15%.

Storage Temperature


The temperature in which you store marijuana can have a lot of impact on its potency and life. You need to ensure that there is no mould formation and the potency is not lost. Higher temperatures can dry out the flower while lower temperatures make it harder for weed to retain potency. Maintaining a temperature under 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit is your safest bet.

Don’t fall for myths

As you learn about what you should do while marijuana packaging, it is equally important to learn what not to. Do not fall for myths like freezing or refrigerating it for longer periods to maintain freshness. Low temperatures can lead to marijuana getting spoilt earlier. Unless you live in an area with excess heat or moisture, refrigeration is not required. Another common advice that people give is to place an orange peel in the container to maintain humidity. This increases the chances of mould being introduced into the box.

A hygienic, airtight, moisture and smell-free container that is clean and keeps excess light away is the simplest and most efficient way to store weed. Following these simple steps should help you keep your marijuana fresh and potent for a long.

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